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NewDunlop K81/TT100 Motorcycle Tire size 4.25/85-18 (64H)
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New4.10-19 Dunlop Vintage K81 Front/Rear Tire
Tires & Tubes
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NewDunlop TT100-K81 Retro Front/Rear Tire 4.10H-19 TL 4PR 420654
Tires & Tubes
Time Left: 9d 18h 46m

NewDunlop TT100-K81 Retro Front/Rear Tire 4.25/85-18 TT 64H 429280
Tires & Tubes
Time Left: 18d 14h 7m

NewDunlop K81 TT100 4.10 X 19 Norton Commando Tire
Antique, Vintage, Historic
Time Left: 29d 23h 36m

NewDunlop Vintage K81 Tire 4.25H-18 - TL Front/Rear 4292-80
Tires & Tubes
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Time Left: 16d 21h 35m

NewNOS Dunlop Roadmaster TT100 K81 4.10 x 18 " Tire Triumph BSA Norton
Other Tire & Wheel Parts
Time Left: 5d 18h 28m

NewDunlop 4.25 X 18 Vintage Style Motorcycle Tire (Tubeless) K81 429280 4292-80
Tires & Tubes
Time Left: 22d 1h 50m

NewDunlop K81 Rear Motorcycle Tires - 4.25/85H-18
Tires & Tubes
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Time Left: 7d 17h 21m

Newnew motorcycle tire dunlop k81markII mt90-16t rear tire honda suzuki yamaha nos
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new old stock or vintage vjmc ahrma amca cb kz
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How Kawasaki's GPz550 Changed the Course of Middleweight Sportbikes in America

The late 1970s were not a boom period for the venerable middleweight streetbike. By ’79 the class had become almost passé, sniffing the tire smoke of larger and more exciting machines such as Kawasaki ’s KZ650 (which ran with top-line 750s) and KZ900/KZ1000 (sons of the Z1), Yamaha ’s smooth and fast XS Eleven shafty, Suzuki ’s ultra-capable GS750 and GS1000, and Honda’s scintillating, 24-valve, six-cylinder CBX.

Yamaha’s two-stroke RDs had pretty much carried the middleweight torch during the ’70s, along with nice-but-unexciting motorcycles such as Honda’s CB500/550F and Suzuki’s GT380 and 550. (Honda’s ill-fated CB400F was a cool but weak-selling exception.) But as 1979 clicked over into 1980, it was clear that 400cc two-strokes (even Yamaha’s stellar Daytona Special) had run their course, while 500 and 550cc four-stroke twins and multis stuck largely to their boring, Universal Japanese Motorcycle design. If you wanted arm-stretching, peg-dragging excitement in a Japanese motorcycle, you went open class.

But just as the Carter years morphed into the Reagan era, that boring middleweight credo was flipped upside down when, in the fall of 1980, Kawasaki announced the now legendary GPz550—a motorcycle that would alter middleweight history. The GPz550 was Japan’s first real hot-rod middleweight, a glossy-red poke in the eye of everything that was boring and staid on the sporting landscape. Fast, sexy, and nimble, the GPz not only catapulted Kawasaki into the leadership position for middleweight streetbikes, but it helped forge the foundation of what would soon become Kawasaki’s iconic Ninja nameplate, an epically successful brand if ever there was one.

“I remember seeing the GPz550 in Japan sometime in the fall of ’79,” longtime Kawasaki man Mike Vaughan says. “This was a year or so before it was announced. I was with a small group of sales and marketing guys from Kawasaki US, and I clearly remember our jaws dropping when we saw the bike. The bright-red paint. The blacked-out engine. The cockpit fairing. And the GPz name. We were stunned. It was really exciting! They’d fitted hexagonally shaped mufflers on one of the prototypes, which we didn’t like, and said so. But otherwise, the thing was spot on. When the factory guys asked if we would be interested in something like this for the US market we couldn’t say yes fast enough! I mean, you just could not turn something like that down.”

Dunlop K81 - Bookshelf

Cycle World Magazine
1604 pages
Cycle World Magazine

For example, if you have a Dunlop K81 performance tire on the front, you should replace the rear tire with a K81 rear. The K81 tire has a triangular profile. If you tried to coordinate this tire with a more rounded profile than the K81, you could ...

Cycle World Magazine
1698 pages
Cycle World Magazine

Both Ml'J dell and Mr. Davis question the abse the Dunlop K81 in the tire test. As you point out in your reply 1 Davis. each tire manufacturer hadt realistically restricted to one tire. Wes the Dunlop K91 Mark 11 because yoo parameters indicated ...

Triumph T25 Blazer SS – Tredici Custom Castings

Torment, if you’re anything like me you’re doubtlessly planning the paint of the slow leads before you’ve even got a bike. With my first pay cheque I got my motorcycle dispensation and bought my first ‘natural’ motorcycle. It was a Honda 500 four and since then I’ve had only 70′s bikes – mostly Hondas. Most of us will start a tariff bike set up with a kind, make or category in haul. Sometimes for friends and for vacant, doing send parts at my foundry for old-timers or contest bikes. But few of us have the skills or valour to equitable guardianship in your light of one's life of metal, your passion for bikes and your creativity and merely let the set up prove. the clients payed me with bottles of Islay whiskey or bikes parts… and sometimes weed. I also attraction mountain bikes and bmx. ” “I have always lightened and customised my bikes. I always repaired and built bikes and cycles. Which is precisely what Gian from France’s Tredici Routine Castings did. I’m a blacksmith and a metal topple over and until recently I was a foundry docent. Or possibly you’re viewpoint of a inception in a brat dash with a give rise to retouch of tracker thrown in for propitious fortunes. My hobbies have always been metal, music and motos....


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